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Suihua Rui Hai Electronic Distribution Co.,Ltd. Was established in May 18,2007,its predecessor,Suihua City,North Forest Rui Hai Electronics Distribution Division in the past 6 years of continuous development ahead. Has become a well-known enterprise specialized in manufacturing Forklift Parts.

The company most advantage of the products are:

1,TCM Forklift Parts;

2,Hyster Forklift Parts;

3,Komatsu Forklift Parts;

4,Nichiyu Forklift Parts;

5,Shinko Forklift Parts ;

6,Sumitomo Forklift Parts.

Product advantages:

1,reliable quality: all the original components.

2,Low price: the price is only one-third of the original price.

3,good after-sales service: strict compliance with the commitment of the warranty period.

4,the integrity of the business: in full accordance with the execution of the contract.

Professional technical support,our products continue to upgrade and improvement. To bring customers the most reliable product quality. By virtue of the quality of the original price in China. Won the support and trust of the majority of users. The company and a number of users in the country to establish a lasting relationship of mutual good faith. Our products have been successfully broke into Southeast Asia,Eastern Europe,Western Europe,America and other international markets. We wholeheartedly welcome customers around the world throughout the inquiry.




Contact: Zheng Haibin

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Email: zhb@forklift-parts-china.com

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